Novice Info, Novice, 2020 (Burlington Minor Lacrosse)

This League is part of the 2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Novice Info

Skill instructions and drills are designed with the intention of challenging and improving each player's skills including shooting, passing, pickups, cradling, catching and checking. Goalies are taught to pass the ball to players in either corner. 

When the team goes on the offense, the players are taught to go to the boards on their proper sides. When the team goes on defense, they are taught to go back through the middle. Team play and passing the ball is stressed.  On line changes, the first player on goes to the ball carrier. 

Players are provided with a team jersey.  

Goalie Equipment (chest protector and shin pads) and goalie jersey is provided to each team by BMLA.  

When it is your child’s turn to play in net, you will have bring along a pair of hockey pants to wear with the goalie equipment.  Your coach may offer to keep a pair in the goalie bag although sizing could be an issue.