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Burlington Minor Lacrosse House League 2024


Welcome to our box lacrosse House League!

Our house league season runs from late April until the end of June.

It is anticipated that all practices and games will occur at Appleby Ice Centre (Floors 1 and 2), dependent on confirmation of arena availability by the City of Burlington.

Division (birth year)



U5 (2020, 2021)

Thursday - 5 PM

U7 (2018, 2019)

Thursday - 6 PM

Sunday - 3 PM

U9 (2016, 2017)

Tuesday - 6 PM

Sunday - 4 PM

U11 (2014, 2015)

Tuesday - 7 PM

Sunday - 5 PM

U13 (2012, 2013)

Thursday - 7 PM

Sunday - 6 PM

U15 (2010, 2011)

Thursday - 7 or 8 PM

Sunday - 7 PM

NOTE: All times are tentative until registration is finalized.  


Participants can register HERE

  • Create a new account, or sign-in to your existing account

  • Select 'New Registration'

  • Select the '2024 Box Season' tab

  • Select the appropriate House League division

  • For U5 participants, select 'BOX Soft Lacrosse'

  • For U7 participants, select 'Paperweight HL'

Key Dates:

Back to Lacrosse Weekend - Saturday, April 20, 2024, Aldershot Arena:

  • A great opportunity for players to get their stick back in their hands and to meet the coaches

  • Coaches will also be assessing players to enable balanced teams to be created


Opening Weekend - April 27-28, 2024, Aldershot Arena:

  • All teams practice on Saturday

  • Regular schedule starts on Sunday

No Lacrosse Victoria Day weekend (May 18-19)

Closing Weekend - June 21-23, Appleby Ice Centre :

  • Tournament Format (All Teams)

Additional Information:

  • U5 - Helmet and gloves only
  • U7-U15 - Full lacrosse equipment required.
    • Information on equipment requirements can be found HERE
  • U7 - Participants will have the opportunity to register for an addition Jr. Blaze weekly clinic starting in May (additional cost)



Our mixed house league is a contact league. The focus has been, and always will be, the safety of all participants. As a result, we reinforce the current OLA rules to ensure fair play and allowing newer players at the younger age groups the time to understand contact in this fast paced game. 

Players: Specified drills which MUST be completed during practices.  These drills will focus on how to make safe, legal contact and teach players how to position themselves and absorb checks. Full equipment is to be worn in the proper manner; both coaches and referees will be required to keep an eye out for missing and/or incorrectly worn equipment. During the early practices players will be shown the correct techniques AND be shown the infractions with the intention of avoiding them. Players superseding the rules will be assessed the suitable penalty, serve the time and then have direct follow up with the coaching staff. Penalties are going to happen; however, no behaviour that endangers other players will be tolerated.

Referees:  All of the referees are certified through the OLA and work both House League and Rep games in the Burlington area.  We will be reinforcing the need to have a uniform, consistently enforced set of rules to ensure the safety of each and every player on the floor. Our goal is to create an environment in which there is no room for “grey area” on penalty calls.

  • U5: No contact
  • U7 & U9: Contact phased in
  • U11 and older: Contact for up to one game allowing for coaches to review proper technique and identify those newer players who could use to added attention.

If you have any questions or concerns about contact, please to not hesitate to contact the VP of House League ([email protected]to discuss.


We are always looking for house league coaches and volunteers. Please email the VP of House League ([email protected]) if you are interested in coaching a team. Please include your child’s name.  You may request one other parent to be your assistant coach.

Creating Teams

Our house league committee will be meeting to create teams. Our priority is a competitive league with equal teams. We take into consideration the number of Major and Minor kids on each team as well as length of time in the league.

Friend Requests

BMLA house league committee's goal is to have balanced teams, while also honouring friend requests for one friend per player ONLY IF that request is reciprocated.  Friend requests  should be emailed to [email protected]. Each age group will be on the floor at the same time on the same nights which will facilitate families assisting each other with carpooling.


Teams will have 1-hour floor time during the week for practice and skill development. Games which are one hour in length will follow on the weekend. We attempt to schedule all practices and games at the same venue and all teams from the same age bracket are on the floor at the same time, so carpooling is an option.

AP Rep Players

BMLA House league is also intended to provide skills development and identification for players interested in moving up into the Rep division for play in the OLA zone structure and in tournaments across Ontario. 


House League is not just for the players, parents who get involved at any level or role will benefit from the experience.  We are always looking for volunteers to help co-ordinate events, help on the bench or organize team activities (dressing room snacks, etc.).