Trainers (Burlington Minor Lacrosse)


Trainers Certification


All trainers must have valid First Aid and CPR, they must be carded and have a Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector) which is dated no later then the previous calendar year. Rep teams can have more then one certified Trainer however, only one Trainer can be on the bench during a game. See OLA Trainer Requirements for more information.

Criminal Record Checks (CRC)

ALL OLA bench personnel (coaches, staff, trainers, etc.) who are 18 years of age must submit a current Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector) dated no later then the previous calendar year.

Your CRC will be valid for indefinitely as long as an OLA Offense Declaration is signed each consecutive year. In the event that a volunteer does not register for a year or more, a new CRC will be required.

Sterling BackCheck - Ontario Lacrosse Association will also accept a background check from Sterling BackCheck. These are less expensive than a regular Police Check and we get a response within 48 hours after you complete the submission. Please contact our Privacy Officer for more details.

OLA Offense Declaration

Sterling BackCheck

Concussion Awareness (Rowan's Law)

If a player leaves a game due to a head injury which is diagnosed but a medical professional or suspected by the team Trainer the BMLA requires that the head coach or trainer obtain a Doctors note stating that the player is fit to return to playing/practicing. The VP of Rep or House League must also be notified that a player has left the game/practice with a head injury and that proper documentation supports the player's return to Lacrosse. 

Click here to review the material about Rowan's Law.