Tyke Info, Tyke, 2020 (Burlington Minor Lacrosse)

This League is part of the 2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Tyke Info

Tyke begins to teach the players the individual skills necessary to play lacrosse. Skill instructions and drills are done with little or no pressure to teach throwing, catching, pickups, cradling, loose balls, and checking. Goalies are taught how to pass the ball out of the crease. Players are taught to play their proper sides on offence and defense. They are taught to come all the way back on defense and to push check when necessary. 

There is a 2-pass rule before shooting on net. Players are provided with a team jersey.  Goalie Equipment (chest protector and shin pads) and goalie jersey is provided to each team by BMLA.  When it is your child’s turn to play in net, you will have bring along a pair of hockey pants to wear with the goalie equipment.  Your coach may offer to keep a pair in the goalie bag although sizing could be an issue.


  • There will be 4 teams

  • The team schedule will be posted on the website on your team page under the Game Schedule button.


  • Split floor (2 teams).

  • Please do not use practice time to scrimmage; parent feedback in the past shows that this is not a popular idea.


  • Our refs number one objective is to keep kids safe.

  • Please support their decisions and encourage good sportsmanship.

  • New refs will be learning too; we want them to continue working with us.

  • In Tyke there will be a focus on stick control to limit accidental slashing injuries.


  • Fun and good sportsmanship are the #1 objective.

  • 2 min buzzer for shift changes.

  • 2 pass rule (2 passes before taking a shot).

  • Rotating goalies per game.

  • Minimal body contact allowed when chasing loose balls etc.