Tryout Schedule, BLAZE Rep Box (Burlington Minor Lacrosse)

Recent & Upcoming Tryouts

Check in

  • Please arrive 15 mins in advance of your tryout time.

  • Due to insurance purposes, you must be registered with the BMLA. Please click here to register.

  • There will be a list of those who have registered. The 2019 Rep fees are to paid up front and include the tryout fee.

  • Players will be given a pinny for identification.

  • Conflicts must be declared in advance to the VP Rep Box.  If you will not be able to attend one of the scheduled tryout times please advise in advance so we can advise the coaches.  They will evaluate based upon performance, the more they see you the better the evaluation. If they know you will not be available on a specific day they will focus on the player when he is there.

  • The number of teams selected in each age group will depend upon the number of players trying out.  This will be determined during the tryout period.

  • Water will not be supplied - please bring your own.


  • Coaches, possibly from another age group, or volunteers from the board will run drills.

  • The BMLA discourages selection of assistant coaches who have players trying out for the team until after they have been selected for a team.

  • The head coach can make selections after the first tryout for their team.

  • Once selected, players will not need to return to tryouts. 

  • Players who do not attend tryouts are ineligible to be selected for a team. (Board approval can override this rule based on special circumstances).

  • Players who do not make a rep team will have a spot on a house league team and have their rep & tryout fee refunded.

  • Using an Affiliate Player on a rep team will be strongly encouraged by the BMLA.  Those players will be chosen by coaches from our house league program and they will have the opportunity to practice and possibly play on a rep team if a rostered player is absent. Additional fees will apply.


  • Coaches will be emailing players to advise if they have been selected.

  • Players not selected will also receive an email after the last tryout in that age group.

  • If a player is not selected, please review what night they can report to their house league coach.

Good Luck to all Players!!

No recent or upcoming tryouts have been scheduled