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Jun 16, 2020 | Jamie Sproat | 5219 views
BMLA Update - Jun 15
Time for Another Update !!

Hello all BMLA families,

As of last week, the OLA has put an end to competitive box lacrosse for 2020.  Sad news, but it is neither unexpected, nor as soon as we might have expected.  All said, it is time to start the process to disassemble the 2020 season.

Emails will be distributed regarding the refund / re-register process.  This will follow the same process that we used for the House League group already.  The emails will come from your age bracket reps who will ask, do you want a refund or do you want to retain your funds with BMLA for next year.  The emails will be far more detailed with the options.  Families should direct any questions to the rep that contacted them.

It is very strange to think that we would normally be closing in on our House League final weekend, which is always a big event for the kids.  And our rep teams would be deep into the rankings, tournaments and starting to look forward to the provincials; yet, we are not.

I want to send out a group of very sincere Thank You's to a number of groups.

To the Board, it has been tough, we started out with a huge bang.  Our Try Lacrosse nights having record attendance and the development of the Girls field program.  Thank You all for your hard work, love of the game and the drive to provide all your time and energy to the kids and families of Burlington.

To all of the Coaches, Assistants, Trainers and Managers who signed up to teach and lead our boys and girls.  I know from my experiences that it was my coaches who helped guide me; different times, different names, but it is the same people.  You always make an impact.

To the Parents, thank you for your patience.  We have not had a lot of direction out to you, we wish it was different but we need to abide by the regulatory body.

To the Kids, I have something different to say.  First, I cannot tell you how bad we feel that we were not able to host this season for you.  But, many things in life will be out of your control no matter what you want or do.  This is one of them.  We are already planning for next year and we want to see you back.

For those that were just about to start, don't let this hiccup of a season change your interest. Get out there to a school with your stick and ball, start running around, play wall ball, watch all the YouTube videos and keep watching the BMLA site.  We are really hoping to set-up some skills-and-drills sessions out in a park to get the feel for the game.

For those of you who this might have been the last year due to age. Don't hang things up quite yet.  The OLA is reviewing plans to get this year back by extending everything for a year.  We are really hoping that we can get you your time back.

For those veterans who would be returning - get out there, keep your skills up.

Be well, have a great summer and hope to see you all if not in a rink over the winter, in the rinks for tryouts in the spring.

Thanks again

Coach Dave

David Hunter, President
Burlington Minor Lacrosse Association

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